A Bigger Better Patio in Less Time

Is your entertaining space too small? Your patio imperfect? Your pool-decking dull? Your loggia lackluster? There are simple and cost-effective solutions for these functional and aesthetic issues. Patio extensions, repairs, cleaning and overlays are all available to improve the look of your landscape.

  • Patio Addition – If your family has grown recently or you have added amenities such as a pool or are considering an outdoor kitchen, you may have realized you need more room for entertaining. The extension process works much like the initial design process; a designer will meet to review your needs and budget while helping suggest materials and a design that will complement your existing landscape. New patio space can be added adjacent to what you have, often with little disturbance to the current one.


  • Patio Repair – Low areas that collect water, high spots that pose a tripping hazard and damaged products can be easily fixed in an existing dry-laid stone or paver patio by removing the affected units, correcting the base material and resetting or replacing the product. Wet-laid patios pose additional challenges. Re-grouting is time-consuming but can reinvigorate old masonry stone or brick patios.


  • Paver Cleaning and Sealing – Older paver and stone patios in good condition are good candidates for cleaning and sealing. Cleaning removes debris and discoloration, often rust from metal patio furniture; grease from grills; and organic matter such as hard water deposits, algae and leaf shadows. New polymeric sand is used to replace the material in joints. This product contains polymers which bond to create a firm but flexible joint when properly installed. Sealing is then done to improve the color with a long-lasting luster and protects them from staining, fading and stray sand.This process can be used on patios one year and older which may be discolored by efflorescence – a condition where minerals in the cement dissolve in rain and naturally rise to the surface during curing where they can make the pavers appear hazy and dull. You want to be sure to let pavers age for at least one year though before sealing though to allow these minerals to be released.


  • Concrete Overlay – Poured concrete patios, landings and paths that are in good condition or have suffered only minor cracking and surface wear can be updated with an overlay product – a paver or stone cut thin enough to be installed over the concrete base without impacting the existing elevation. These materials can take a drab slab to fab in a matter of hours!

Of course, there are many ways to improve your outdoor living space including landscaping, low voltage lighting and audio, fire pits and fireplaces or kitchens complete with built-in grills, refrigerators and bar-seating.

Nothing lasts forever, landscaping included; plants can outgrow their location even with the best of maintenance and decades of environmental exposure will eventually erode construction materials. This is why it is important to use a knowledgeable landscape designer, choose the best construction materials possible for your budget and protect your investment with regular maintenance.

If your home’s hardscape surfaces are looking old, damaged and dated or are no longer sufficient, we can expand existing paver patios with new additions, make repairs or replace ageing walkways.

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