7 Reasons Winter is a Great Time in the Garden

Enjoy your landscape all winter

Winter can be a beautiful time in the landscape; fresh snow and lively birds give new dimensions to the garden, while early sunsets and leafless trees allow low-voltage lighting to shine

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There are plenty of plants that you can add to your landscape to provide winter interest too. Those that offer color and shape as well as attract wildlife are especially beautiful against the bleak backdrop of winter.

  • Evergreen – we are fortunate that in Bucks County both broadleaf and needle evergreens thrive. Pines, Spruces and Arborvitae are common conifers but specimens such as Hinoki Cypress can offer more interesting textures while Rhododendron and azaleas have the added benefit of spring blooms and Holly features bright berries.


    Winterberry Holly provides a burst of color

  • Berry – Winterberry Holly is a member of the Ilex family as well, however it loses if leaves in winter, allowing the bright red berries to become even more of a focal point, that is, until the birds eat them.
  • Bark – River Birch are known for their peeling, paper-like bark  and Red Twig Dogwood for their brilliant colored branches. Crape Myrtle, Stewartia and even Kousa Dogwood all feature exfoliating bark that creates beautiful variations in color.
  • Structure –Shape provides a different type of interest in branching. Japanese Maples and other weeping plants have twisted structure that makes them ideal candidates for silhouette lighting.
  • Blooms – Even in winter flowers hold an important place in the garden. The dried blossoms of Hydrangea still looks romantic covered in a lacy frost and the dried seed heads of many perennial favorites such as Black-Eyed-Susan and Coneflower are attractive to the eye and to the birds.
  • Grasses – if left standing, the seeds of ornamental grasses also provide food for our feathered friends and additionally create movement in the garden as they sway in bitter winter winds.

Attracting Birds to the Garden

Birds are another way to add motion to the garden. Their colorful feathers and antics can provide hours of enjoyment from a cozy seat indoors and their presence will help keep insects at bay when you want to be outdoors. There are several other steps you can take to bring them to your yard.

  • Hydrangeas in the snow

    Hydrangeas in the snow

  • Provide several food sources and cover to attract a variety of birds.
  • Place your Christmas tree near the birdfeeders to provide protection from predators.
  • Fill onion bags with chunks of suet and hang outdoors for insectivores.
  • Thread raisins or cranberries onto waxed dental floss and hang for birds.
  • Hang bundles of dried corn, sunflowers, wheat and millet for an attractive feeder.


Spring is a great time to plant and establish plants with winter character to be enjoyed next Winter. Call us now to plan for Spring planting. We are offering a complimentary one hour design consultation or maintenance analysis, available now until March 31, 2017.

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